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Get liking if you're interested, it's up and running.…
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Tagged yet again, and as I'm antisocial most of the time I guess I could venture out my zone for a little bit...
Have fun learning folks.

5 Things:
1. The random gibberish I post the descriptive bit of my drawings/snapshots is put together for lack of anything better, as you do.
2. I frequent coffee shops more than I do the pubs these days though this may change.
3. The vinyl record is a gift from above, as is prog and other related genres of great music.
4. If you come asking for my name in Starbucks (for any baristas out there) then all you're getting is "No.3" from me.
5. In art, convention or any form of the mainstream sucks. I'll leave it at that.


1.Favourite year in school?
I'd say my 5th was pretty good. Got a rough idea of what I wanted in the future plus the year outside school was fun and interesting in general too.

2. Favourite TV Show?
I'm watching a lot of comedy shows right now, Beavis & Butt-head is one of them.

3.Favourite place to go?
Anywhere ambient in nature. A jazz club or a coffee shop, one of those two where applicable in the moment.

4.Favourite singer?
Peter Gabriel, but he's also tied with Brian Eno in his early years. The pair of them are genius lyricists.

5.Favourite colour?
Blue but I wear black quite a bit as well.

6.Favourite food?
Spicy food. Nothing beats a Nando's.

7.Favourite game to play?
The Torture Game. All the fun for the mentally ambiguous.

8. Favourite memory?
Those trips to Blackpool in my primary school days during my mid-term October breaks.

9.Favourite book?
A lot of art theory-related works lately.

10.Favourite animal?
Anything with a nice shape or curve to it. The creatures of the deep sea are interesting fellows too.

11.Favourite subject in school?
English. And when it wasn't mentally taxing I'd say Art too, of course.
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Let me know what you think.
...but have a great Tuesday anyways. =P
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Happy New Year folks, let's hope it's a great one all around! :party:
To be honest, it doesn't feel all that different yet. More like the second part of a bigger story....
Things should be interesting.
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Well-wishings (and other stuff...)

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 23, 2011, 7:24 AM
Better get this done before I forget...
Merry Christmas everybody, and a Happy New Year of course. :santa:


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1/ Do you prefer superheroes in skin tight latex OR shielded padded armour?
I grew up with the likes of Dragonball Z, the Saiyan armour kicked ass for a multitude of reasons. Next question...?

2/ What three superpowers would you have?
Shapeshifting, unlimited teleportation abilities and psychokinesis.

3/ Villain or Hero?
None of the two, though I'd think of myself as an anti-hero/villain of sorts.

4/ Realistic heroes/villains or do you prefer fancy drama ones?
Fancy dramatics hiding behind the devil's gift to the world.

5/ Superpower or technology?
Both, naturally.

6/ Enough fake comic Superhero business, have you ever done something heroic and if so what?
Nothing special.

7/ Would you prefer to be best at dancing or a singing?
Singing, the music I like to listen to isn't what you call danceable.

8/ What do you think personally is the worst sin out of the seven deadly sins?
Sloth, the fact that it's even included within the list makes no sense at all. I'm going to hell because I wake up at noon during the weekends?

9/ A strange gentlemen offers you five billion pounds in the middle of the street, but there's a catch. If you take the money, a celebrity will fall down dead from a heart attack. What do you do?
Take the money and let my death note decide who dies.

10/ What is your dream house?
Something discreet and small, but high in value and quality.

11/ What is your dream job?
Photographer/artist of course.

12/ If you could make any fictional character come to life, who would it be?
I have no idea, someone unexpected. That or one of my own I created.

13/ What do you prefer: magic or sword fights?
Magic conquers all.

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Third time in a row, tagged! Well given my lack of motivation when it comes to writing journals, this may be something of a recurring gimmick so be warned. :P

1. I hold a provisional driver's license (learner's permit, for anyone on the other side of the Atlantic) for the sole reason of having valid ID when it comes in handy.
2. I've been training in Judo since 2004, it's mostly for fitness and social reasons but it's led to some work experience as a official/volunteer at competitions (the closest thing to a job I have as I type this).
3. I'm something of a borderline misanthrope when my perception of things/people I admire gets smashed to pieces.
4. Social realism in the arts is something I'm beginning to loathe. It's fiction for a reason?
5. Though most of the stuff I own and use is digital (computer, camera, iPod etc), the sound of vinyl LPs is just as godly.
6. Andy Warhol is among my favourite artists, even though commercialism isn't one of those things I stand for or desire to express in my work.
7. I can curl my tongue, but then again who can't?
8. I over-analyze people too much for my own good at times, and it leads to what I mentioned in fact 3.
9. The moon was one of my pet fears as a small child, now it's something I can't help but photograph constantly when I have the chance.
10. This is the last time I hopefully write one of these lists.

As you please.

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Another 10 Facts

Wed Jul 13, 2011, 12:40 PM
I got tagged, again! Same old business, facts about yourself yadda-yadda. Done this before, so here's ten more facts I didn't bother to tell you last time. :P

1. First and foremost, I cannot fuck this up...somehow.

2. I'd do anything to go to Blackpool again, it's arcade heaven at the very best plus it's been eight to nine years too long since I last went there.

3. July tends to be a bit of transitional month for me both as an artist and a person in general. :painter::camera:

4. Anyone with endless sob-stories really do my head in, share a neck between yourselves so I can choke it thanks. :finger:

5. Bulmer's is something I wouldn't recommend as your choice of alcoholic drink ever, cider without ice is like mince without tatties (and that my friends, is why Magner's Irish is godly).

6. Family Guy or South Park? Sorry, Stewie kicks Cartman's arse anyday.

7. I'd pick curvy girls over skinny ones anyday, with only a few exceptions...

8. Polaroids have been a recurring must since I took up photography, recommendations?

9. I'd think of myself as mostly neutral when it comes to the whole optimistic/pessimistic game. Both sides suck for different reasons if you ask me.

10. Work around your limitations, what's stopping you? (Ok it's more a motto, but hey No.10 needs something of interest here.)

As you please folks.

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New Horizons

Fri Jul 1, 2011, 11:13 AM
Tomorrow I head off to Murcia for two weeks, but I'll be not be fading out anytime soon though. A possible Wi-fi connection means I'll probably still be here.
Either way, I'm just hoping this holiday is productive art/photography-wise, in some form.

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Journal Entry: Sat May 28, 2011, 1:41 PM
At last, after god-knows-how-long, I got feedback through the post confirming I've a secured placement at the college I applied for :D
That won't be until the tail end of August though, so the next three months should be pretty interesting, if not mind-bendingly boring. Who knows? Got a few things planned (my high school prom's just under two weeks away as I write this), another weekend trip up north in a week's time and a fortnight's holiday in Murcia come the start of July.
Amongst other events, a lot of drawing, photos, part-time job hunting(?), borderline alcoholism and of course dA to look forward to.


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Back! (Again..)

Journal Entry: Sun May 15, 2011, 9:52 AM
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My internet bugged up on me, but I'm back now :P
Did I miss much? By the way, thanks for all the faves and stuff, you all rock!

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Post-April Thoughts

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 28, 2011, 10:38 AM
Things-Not-Seen l Facebook l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me l Journal Skins: How-To

How goes people? =P
Well with April in it's twilight period, things are looking interesting, and it's not the only coming to a halt. I finally leave school for good and (hopefully) enter college after the summer break (thank god, been a long time coming if you ask me :D)
And exam season's back, oh how we missed you... well I can safely say I WON'T be leaving dA to study regardless, unlike some people (not that I personally have anything to study hard for, haha!) If anything this exam leave's another holiday to divulge into more drawings and photography, and perhaps look for a part-time job on the sidelines too :P

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Journal Entry: Tue Apr 12, 2011, 1:28 PM
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I got tagged! So here's the ten facts as promised.

1. I am, first and foremost, a photographer.
2. I'm a cartoonist and abstract/surreal artist also, main medium being graphite/pencils (looking to progress onto watercolours sometime soon though.)
3. I'm an unconventalist and proud of it!
4. I'm an agnostic, with mild atheistic leanings.
5. I have the mildest form of Asperger's syndrome, and it shows in some of my darker themed drawings.
6. I have no artistic muse/girlfriend, though to have one sometime soon would do my world a whole lot of good :)
7. No way in hell am I a neat freak!
8. Cartoons from the Golden Age inspire me as an artist.
9. Ambient and electronic music dominates me like mad too.
10. I have ran out of ideas for a tenth fact.

Happy days to you all :P


Fri Apr 8, 2011, 2:36 AM
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Relapsing into dA addiction, thanks new laptop!
Now if only I could remember last night....

Goodbye! (I'll be back..)

Mon Mar 21, 2011, 10:51 AM
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  • Reading: Another Green World, by Geeta Dayal
  • Watching: TV
  • Drinking: Not-so excessive amounts of beer
My computer has died, it was 3 years old. Hamsters last longer than it did, hence the lack of activity over the weekend :P
Don't expect much from me over the next few weeks, I'll try and log in now and again though...

Random Thoughts

Sat Mar 5, 2011, 2:46 PM
  • Listening to: Brian Eno - Condition 5
  • Reading: Another Green World, by Geeta Dayal
  • Watching: TV
  • Drinking: Not-so excessive amounts of beer
Nearly 18 soon, 4 weeks and 5 days. First step to freedom here I come :D
Hoping to upgrade to this soon --->…
Oh yeah, and winter's over too. Opinions?

Selected Favourites

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 30, 2011, 7:10 AM

Just some of the best stuff from those I watch, :)
Leslie Orange - Windows by Serpent3 Beautiful Feeling by Serpent3 Tiny Wonders by BlueAnomiS Agoraphobia by Serpent3:thumb195339278::thumb195337997::thumb190043481::thumb192304450::thumb182504353: keep on my way by lidlshmidl:thumb171461035::thumb183384860::thumb182942836::thumb182504007::thumb182503809: A Wisp Of Smoke by DpressedSoul:thumb195347202: .uckl. by dasTOK . knapp daneben. by dasTOK .zuerich01. by dasTOK .rio. by dasTOK Looking Up 5650 by anubis281 .andra02. by dasTOK .andra01. by dasTOK Cherub by ikelly77 Another Time, Same Place by BlueAnomiS .adra. by dasTOK:thumb193562567: Doodle 2 by MaddieCanFlyy Doodle 1 by MaddieCanFlyy:thumb176668539: Fuwer by Shimmia:thumb171811980::thumb164343632: Mind Pattern by DpressedSoul Walking alone by TehYawn The cold touch of nature by TehYawn:thumb193557214::thumb192005946: Herro by TehYawn:thumb175162660::thumb195471475::thumb195189858::thumb174906225: Solstice Eclipse 2010 by B9CC1D:thumb185915135::thumb193580448: Save The Trees by piguranyapakuban Color Wave 0938 by anubis281 Tersesat di Padang Rumput by piguranyapakuban Meninggalkan dan Ditinggalkan by piguranyapakuban:thumb195408472::thumb192340574: Air by mehrmeer:thumb174005085: Cold is the wait for nothing by mehrmeer Philadelphia Broken Sunrise 2 by B9CC1D Fragile Dreams by mehrmeer:thumb193816746: If These Trees Could Talk by mehrmeer Profile by AriBach Heartless by klaudrawstuff Alien Head... by ikelly77:thumb166769959::thumb143402362::thumb169171878: insect by klaudrawstuff Mute IV by vrupatel The Wrong Kind of Haunt by B9CC1D Mute by vrupatel:thumb194125004::thumb190399319::thumb179473899::thumb191146594::thumb184120497::thumb184008501::thumb177923586::thumb174220489::thumb169335876::thumb145145010:
To anyone I forgot, my apologies. Nonetheless, you're still awesome!

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Happy Birthday Rabbie!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 25, 2011, 1:28 PM
To all my Scottish watchers out there (or just anyone in general), wishing you all a very happy Burns Night :)
Peace out!

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For lack of anything better to do...

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 23, 2011, 2:42 PM

....I wrote this. :P
Happy days!

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